Aintab’s first photographer was Armenian’s (official name: Gaziantep-Source-ed.) correspondent talked to famous photographer of Aintab Serdar Beyazaslani, who told that the first photographer of Aintab was Armenian, reported

According to the source, Beyazaslan particularly said the following about the Armenian photographer: “In the years that followed, the first masters of Gaziantep learned photography from the Armenian. My father was also among the students of that Armenian photographer.”

Let us remind that the Armenians of Aintab were brutally annihilated between 1915 and 1921, and those who were saved from the Armenian Genocide settled in Syria, Lebanon and the USA.

According to Turkish researcher Mourad Ucaner, currently, there are 2 million people living in Aintab, of which only 5% are indigenous people of Aintab, and Islamized Armenians make up almost half of that 5% (50,000). However, most of them reject their Armenian origin, saying the following: “We are Muslim Turks.” There are approximately 25,000 Islamized Armenians living in central Aintab, and converted Armenians make up one-third of the populations of Nizip and Birejik.

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