Artists of Armenia and the Diaspora collaborating once again

Armenian artists from both Armenia and abroad recently participated in an international competition under the title “The great masters of the portrait”. The precondition of the competition was to paint the portrait of an Armenian child, for which Arsine from Estonia was chosen. The main organizer of the competition was Leeda Koifman, and at her initiative, a book dedicated to world peace and the bright image of the little Armenian who became a symbol of solidarity among different nations, will be published.

As reported Hayern Aysor, Armenian culture and arts have been spreading for years in Armenia and different countries of the Diaspora, and of course, this wonderful event in the international arena not only unites our Armenian artists, but also promotes the exchange of rich experiences, making our dream of seeing our beloved artists raise the glory and honor of the Armenian nation through mutual relations come true.

Armenian and Diaspora Armenian artists have received high and worthy appreciation in this competition, and among those artists are Paylak Vanikyan, Kristina Oganezova, Lilit Tonakanyan, Ani Hayrapetyan, Lilit Yesayan, Arsen Klyan, Anahid Keshishian and Lilit Mazmanyan. This is also a very important opportunity to unite our Armenian artists in the international arena. We hope that the strengthening of ties of artists of Armenia and the Diaspora contributes to the development of our culture and arts and their creative abilities.

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