New center for Armenian studies opens in Ukraine

A new “Center for Armenian Studies in Odessa” non-governmental organization has been established in Odessa and will be under the direction of well-known Ukrainian Armenologist and public figure Armen Petoyan.

Hayern Aysor, citing, reports that this news was not news for Ukrainian Armenologists since the establishment of a separate center for Armenian studies had been an issue in Odessa for a long time. For over a decade, Armen Petoyan has been involved in the preservation of and research on Armenian cultural heritage in Odessa. He is considered the initiator and organizer of the first large-scale “Cross-stones: Sacred Monuments of Armenian Culture” exhibition in Ukraine, which successfully opened in 2011 in Odessa with the support of the municipal authorities and the Armenian community and with the participation of consulates of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania and members of the Armenian communities of Kiev and Crimea. Armen Petoyan has discovered the lost tombstones of the 15th-century St. Nicholas Armenian Church of Kiliya that, in 1849, were described by Murzakevich. Petoyan has also disclosed their origin along with well-known historian and Armenologist Tatevik Sargsyan from Crimea.

As a member of the cultural commission of the Odessa Oblast, Armen Petoyan does a tremendous job. In 2016, at his initiative, a plaque was placed in the large building in which great Armenian poet Avetik Isahakyan lived and worked. At his initiative, the Museum of Literature hosted an exhibition featuring the books and documents of the poet kept in the archives of the Museum.

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