Diaspora Minister receives Vahé Gabrache

On July 11, Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan received Diaspora Armenian benefactor Vahé Gabrache, who is currently based in Switzerland and is engaged in the activities of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Foundation, Fundacion Armenia Foundation, Allianz Armenie Foundation and Pilibosian-Pilosian Foundation.

Greeting the guest, Minister Hayrapetyan attached importance to Vahé Gabrache’s dedication and support to the homeland and noted that Armenia must stand with every Diaspora Armenian from now on as well. “Our ultimate goal is to build a country that will certainly support the Diaspora without thinking twice. A strong Armenia means a strong Diaspora-this is our formula. Armenia must contribute to the preservation of the Armenian identity and the creation of an Armenian atmosphere within Armenian communities of the Diaspora. However, our other goal is to establish ties within communities, and this will help create a pan-Armenian network as well,” the Minister of Diaspora noted. Talking about the solutions to the current issues, Mkhitar Hayrapetyan emphasized the fact the solutions require the will that exists and the step that is being taken.

Talking about the small Armenian community of Switzerland, Vahé Gabrache noted that the young Armenians of Switzerland are interested in life in Armenia and want to come to Armenia and help the country. “I try to show them the right way. I also have a lot of plans in Armenia that I would like to implement,” the guest said.

Minister Hayrapetyan wished the guest success in implementing his plans and stressed that serving the Armenian people and the Republic of Armenia is the mission of each and every Armenian. “The homeland must be caring for the sons of the nation. This is the axis of our perception. This is why we want to convey a new quality to Armenia-Diaspora relations and create an atmosphere of mutual care and love,” the Minister noted.

At the end of the meeting, Vahé Gabrache voiced hope that the Minister of Diaspora would also visit the Swiss-Armenian community and get acquainted with the situation on the spot.

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