Holy Resurrection Armenian Church of Dakka announcing interesting initiative

The Holy Resurrection Armenian Church in Dakka (capital of Bangladesh) has been around for over 200 years. The ecclesiastical community has played a major role in the history of this wonderful country. The Church’s servants and community have already completed the large-scale renovation project, which will be ongoing. The goal of the project is to ensure the presence of the Armenian Church in Bangladesh for many years to come.

The Armenian Church in Dakka is launching an interesting and historically unique community project to establish an Armenian community and particularly engage people who have family ties with India and Bangladesh. The project is also aimed at consolidating all the Armenians linked to Dakka and those who might have personal items or memories that they would like to present online.

“Your family might have played a role in industry in Bangladesh in the 19th or 20th centuries. You might have stories to tell, photos and interesting materials that will help us build the story of the community. Where did your family live? What kind of community service did your family provide? Who were the family’s friends? How did the family live in Bangladesh?

We are aspiring to restore history, family stories and the role of the Armenian presence in Bangladesh, but we can’t do it without your help.

There are many famous families historically linked to Dakka and Bangladesh. Do you know names such as Aghabek, Aghasi, Aghanur, Aratun, Avet, the famous Beglar family, Baghram, Bazil, Karapet, Khachik, Khachatur, Chater, Davit, Gaspar, Gregory, Harneyner, Hayrapet, Johannes, Gioakim, Loicas, Mkrtich, Malkhas, Manook, Mikael, Martiros, Minas, Nahapet, Petros, Poghos, Sargis, Set, Shirkor, Stepanos, Vrtanes, Zohrab, etc.? We would be glad to listen to anyone with information. We are planning on publishing a book that will feature all of your wonderful stories and material evidence. All the supporters will be featured in the “Thank You” section of our new website.

The coordinator of this project is Liz Chater, who will invest all the parts of her studies on the stories of Armenian families in India and will share her work experience.

To participate in this project, you can write to armenianchurchbangladesh@gmail.com or project@armenainchurchbangladesh.com.

We are gladly waiting to cooperate with Armenians abroad to implement this unique project.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,” the organizers’ press release reads.

Source: https://chinastan.org/

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