School/camp opens in Almaty

In 2017, Almaty’s Masis Armenian Cultural Center undertook the initiative of opening a school/camp. Whereas the camp only operated during vacation last year (October, January and March), this year the camp was launched on June 5 and will end on August 25.

The camp is located at Amoure Concert/Entertainment Complex of Almaty owned by President of the Union of Armenians of Kazakhstan Ernest Varderesyan. The camp was set up with the support of the Ministry of Diaspora and through the provision of methodical, organizational and advisory programs, textbooks and action plans, electronic materials, audio recordings and videos, etc.)

The camping event features Armenian language lessons, teaching of Armenian songs, dances and national games, lessons on Armenian cuisine and cultural events. The leader of the camp is Aram Navasardyan, who is also the director of the local Armenian Sunday school.

The Armenian language lessons are held through interactive methods.

The course features four main subjects, including “Armenia”, “Armenian Capitals”, “Great Armenians” and “Armenian Legends and Novels”.

A community camp has also opened in Pavlodar (director: Susanna Arakelyan), but it operates three times a week.

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