Sevan Haneshian-Bedourian presents “Horizons with the Desire for the Sun” book of poems in Yerevan

The poems of young Syrian-Armenian writer Sevan Haneshian-Bedourian brightly express his love for his hometown Kessab and Armenia. The author presented the first collection of his poems entitled “Horizons with the Desire for the Sun” during an event hosted by the Union of Writers of Armenia on June 15.

“Sevan currently lives in the United States of America, but the dialect, landscape and essence of his hometown Kessab are described in his poems. When reading Sevan’s works, you feel that the author has a modern world view and sense the responses of Western Armenian literature and Eastern Armenian literature. Sevan’s aphoristic mindset is also interesting,” President of the Union of Writers of Armenia Eduard Militonyan stated, according to Armenpress.

According to Sevan Haneshian-Bedourian, even though is an economist by profession, he has such a great love for language that he has also explored Armenology. “We young Diaspora Armenians are aware of the fact that it is the land that helps preserve the language. Many of us seek our roots. For this purpose, I made a pilgrimage to Western Armenian where I saw our centuries-old churches and monasteries that are currently in ruins. That pilgrimage had a huge impact on my poems,” he said.

The poet admitted that his poems are about spiritual uplift, desires and dreams.

Sevan Haneshian-Bedourian was born in Kessab. He graduated from the Department of Economics at the University of Latakia. He studied Armenology through a two-year program in Aleppo and left for the U.S. His poems have been released in several newspapers publishing in Syria and Lebanon. In Armenia, his poems have been published in Garoun and Nartsis magazines.

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