Los Angeles hosts first Armenian wine festival

The Armenian Wine Festival in Glendale served as an exclusive opportunity to present the 6,000-year-old history of Armenian winemaking and Armenian winemaking in the United States of America today.

Hayern Aysor, citing Asbarez Daily, reports that the June 10 event had gathered Armenian winemakers from Armenia and different countries, and it is safe to say that the guarantee of their success were the national traditions in winemaking. Kosh, Kur, Kataro, Karas, Voskeni, Voskevaz, Van Ardi, Armas, Chaglasia, Tutunjyan and Luso Dela Tera, which were presented at the festival, are now highly reputable in the global market, and the field specialists and visitors also attested to this during the one-day event hosted by Chevy Chase Country Club.

According to Stepan Partamian, who came up with the idea of the festival and organized it, this festival serves as the best way to present Armenian winemaking today and the current opportunities for doing business in Armenia.

Armenian winemakers from Armenia, various parts of California, Argentina and Chile and representatives of importing companies showcased their wines, as well as varieties of brandy, vodka and food in separate pavilions during the festival.

Sommelier Anoush Gharibyan, who helped organize the festival, delivered a lecture devoted to wine and winemaking and informed that invitations had been sent to all winemakers of Armenia, but many winemakers had not had the opportunity to participate in the festival for various reasons. Gharibyan stated that next year’s festival would be more inclusive in terms of participants, but until then, she urged Armenian Americans to become actively engaged in the dissemination of Armenian wines and serve as the unique “ambassadors” of wine among foreigners.

Among the speakers during the courses held as part of the festival was Secretary-General of the North American Sommelier Association Irina Ponomarenko.

The event ended with a solemn feast. It should be mentioned that the dishes were served with relevant wines, and Stepan Partamian presented the history behind each wine.

Minister of Diaspora Mkhitar Hayrapetyan’s newly appointed Advisor and winemaker Vahe Keoshkerian talked about the present and traditions of Armenian winemaking.

Music of the festival was provided by Roma Canyon Trio.

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