Iranian-Armenian doctors conducting free checkups in Artsakh

At the initiative of Tufenkian Foundation, Iranian-Armenian doctors started conducting free checkups in Stepanakert yesterday.

In an interview with Artsakhpress, pediatrician/cardiologist Aram Kocharian said he and the other doctors had conducted checkups at Arevik Children’s Hospital CJSC the first day.

“We checked over 23 children at Arevik Children’s Hospital. Today we are checking the visitors at Mother and Child Health Maintenance Center, and tomorrow we will be conducting checkups at the hospital in Martakert region. We performed fetal echocardiography at Mother and Child Health Maintenance Center.

I believe this is a major step taken by the Tufenkian Foundation since pregnant women have the chance to get a checkup on the spot,” Aram Kocharian added.

In his turn, Iranian-Armenian doctor and sonographer Alfred Avagian stated that it was a pleasure for him to see well-trained doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals in Artsakh.

“I am certain that these conditions will allow the local doctors to ensure higher quality of work and help stabilize the health conditions of the population,” Alfred Avagian said.

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