New Armenian organization established in Transbaikal region

The active members of the Armenian community in the Transbaikal region of the Russian Federation have established a new unified national-cultural organization that will serve as a replacement of the Union of Armenians of Transbaikal and the regional organization of the Union of Armenians of Russia in Transbaikal.

“Finally, we will establish a unified Armenian organization that will put an end to the schism. We plan on holding event that will be devoted to everything about Armenia and Armenians. We will place emphasis on language and traditions in order to preserve the Armenian identity,” Hayern Aysor, citing Rusarminfo, states that Чита.рy is citing the words of the organization’s representative Hermine Harutyunyan.

Harutyunyan stated that the organization would soon open chapters in the Krasnokamensky< Aginsk and Khilokskom districts of Transbaikal, providing the organization with the opportunity to obtain the status of a regional organization. The head of the Armenian national-cultural organization will be local businessman Harutyun Atoyan.

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