Events dedicated to 100th anniversary of First Republic of Armenia and Homenetmen held in the Netherlands

On June 8, the Dutch city of Hengelo hosted a concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia and organized by the ARF-D Netherlands “Aram Manuyan” Committee. Among the attendees were Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Netherlands Garegin Melkonyan, Priest Mashtots Baghdasaryan from the Armenian Apostolic Church of Almelo, leaders of Armenian community organizations and others.

Ambassador Melkonyan and member of the ARF-D Netherlands “Aram Manukyan” Committee Minas Arsenyan gave their welcoming remarks at the event. The Ambassador touched upon the historical significance of the May Heroic Battles and the First Republic of Armenia and particularly emphasized the First Republic’s importance for reinforcing the idea of statehood in the conscience of Armenians. He stated that even though the First Republic was short-lived, it was of major significance in terms of restoration of statehood and reestablishment of the Armenian State that were the fruits of the centuries-old struggle of the Armenians. The Ambassador welcomed the fact that Armenians abroad celebrate and attach importance to May 28th, setting aside the importance of the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora triumvirate for the advancement of Armenia and the Armenian people.

The concert featured performances of Armenian folk songs by Nersik and Arabo Ispiryan.

On June 11, the Dutch city of Arnhem hosted an event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia and Homenetmen-Armenian General Athletic Union and organized by Homenetmen Arnhem Chapter. Among the attendees were representatives of Homenetmen institutions in Arnhem, Alcmaar, Almelo and Munich.

In his welcoming remarks, RA Ambassador to the Netherlands Garegin Melkonyan congratulated the attendees and wished that they continue to accomplish the major pan-Armenian mission with the same dedication and enthusiasm. He highlighted the importance of Homenetmen in raising young Armenians with the patriotic spirit and in strengthening their bonds with Armenian communities of the Diaspora and the homeland.

The event featured a scout march and a soccer championship that gathered the teams of different organizations.

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