Genocide-denying author leaves own book presentation after young Armenians’ arguments

A group of young Armenians disturbed the presentation of another Armenian Genocide-denying book by U.S. figure, Military History Professor at Marine Corps University of Virginia, former high-ranking military agent Edward Ericson at Dom Knigi Bookstore of New Arbat in Moscow after getting into a debate with the author over the Armenian Genocide in front of representatives of the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities of Moscow. Radiolur contacted one of the boys to clarify the details about the incident.

According to Davit Aghajanyan, they had found out about the book, obtained it from the Turkish community and examined it. He and other members of the Armenian community had decided to go to the bookstore and give speeches. Through the community’s efforts, the bookstore didn’t allow the official presentation of the author’s book, and this usually happens during the presentations of Ericson’s books denying the Armenian Genocide.

The young Armenians get into a debate with Ericson, and Davit particularly said the following to the American author:

“I understand your “difficult” situation and don’t wish to talk about Turkish-Armenian relations. In your speech in 2014, you said the following words: “History is a mannequin that you can dress however you want.” Yes, this is “patchwork” when Abraham Lincoln achieved abolition of slavery after years of struggle. This is “patchwork” when Martin Luther King and his supporters organized the march in Washington DC and recited the legendary “I have a dream”. I can state many other historic episodes that have shaped the glorious pages of the history of your homeland. So, the ideology of the American people is “patched”. That is what you are saying.”

The author couldn’t take it anymore after this. After a couple of seconds, he got up and modestly “left” his own book presentation, leaving many Azeri and Turkish fans who were waiting for him to give his autograph.

Davit’s and the other young Armenians’ goal is to discredit Edward Ericson’s so-called academic thesis devoted to the Armenian Genocide. According to them, this is possible through cooperation with media outlets.

Marina Martirosyan


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