Istanbul-based Vomank alternative music band gives press conference at Ministry of Diaspora

On June 9, members of the Istanbul-based Vomank alternative music band gave a press conference at the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia. The speakers were musicians Lara Narin, Saro Ustan, Sevana Chakrian and Istanbul-Armenian journalist Sevan Ataoglu.

The goal of the press conference was to present Vomank’s concert tour in Armenia. The band is scheduled to perform in Yerevan (14 June), Gyumri (10 June) and Vanadzor (12 June).

Touching upon the band’s activities, the musicians stated that the band has been around for eight years and was formed in Istanbul, which is one of the major centers for Armenian culture and where the band tries to talk about the members’ residence and the world through their songs and perform songs based on the poems of Daniel Varoujan and other great Armenian writers. The band also performs the songs of Sayat-Nova.

The band’s lead singer Lara Narin emphasized that Vomank has given several concerts in Istanbul and that those concerts have gathered not only members of the local Armenian community, but also Turks, Kurds and representatives of other national minorities residing in Turkey. Lara Narin also attached importance to the fact that they are very excited about the Velvet Revolution that took place in Armenia and are glad to see that their listeners are at ease and in peace.

The speakers stressed that the band has written songs in Armenian and Turkish and Vomank’s fans are mainly those who not only remember the past, but also have dreams for the future.

Vomank will not only give concerts in Armenia, but also present its new album entitled “BanAlik”. The tour is organized by the Ministry of Diaspora and TailAil-Sevan Ataoglu with the support of several companies and individuals.

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