Zhirayr Reyisian: “Aleppo-Armenians’ lives are back on track”

“In December 2016, the liberation of Aleppo became a cornerstone for the Armenians of Syria. Currently, Aleppo is in a much more stable condition. There were difficult domestic issues that have already been solved through various resources. Roads are being opened every day, the problem with fuel and water supply has been solved, and electricity has been restored, even though there are some power outages,” Armenian Deputy of the People’s Council of Syria, press speaker of the Armenian Diocese of Aleppo Zhirayr Reyisian said in an interview with Hayern Aysor, adding that the Syrian-Armenians’ lives are back on track and that they are busy working and renovating their homes.

Reyisian also stated that Armenian clubs, schools, churches and institutions didn’t stop carrying out their activities for national preservation even during the most difficult times. One of the two buildings of Karen Jeppe Armenian College, which suffered tremendous damages, was renovated this year, and construction for renovation of the Armenian National Shelter of Aleppo, the Red Cross National Relief Hospital of Syria and several Armenian organizations will be launched soon.

“I believe the Syrian airport will also start operating soon after settling some security-related issues. The Syrian government is making serious efforts in that direction. There are still armed terrorist groups in certain areas, and there might be shelling during regular flights. Consequently, due to security considerations, the government is not rushing to restart operation of the airport,” Zhirayr Reyisian said.

The Syrian-Armenian MP also emphasized the fact that the lives of the Armenians of Kessab and Latakia are also back on track. Those who had left Aleppo for Latakia or Kessab are now returning to their homes. Damascus can also be considered a liberated territory.

“True, Deir ez-Zor was also liberated, but there are almost no Armenians left, and the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church is dilapidated. A decision has been made to renovate the church and the memorial complex, and this decision comes after the visit of Catholicos Aram I of the Great House of Cilicia visited Deir ez-Zor and representatives of the national authorities in March.

Gevorg Chichyan

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