Concert dedicated to 100th anniversary of First Republic of Armenia held in Romania’s Constanta

On May 31, the Romanian city of Constanta hosted a concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the May Heroic Battles and the First Republic of Armenia. The concert was organized by pastor of the local St. Mary’s Church, Priest Oshakan Khachatryan, in partnership with the local parochial council and the Constanta Chapter of the Union of Armenians of Romania and with the blessing of Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Romania, Bishop Tatev Hakobyan.

As reported the press divan of the Armenian Diocese of Romania to Hayern Aysor, the concert was held in the beautiful hall of the local Art Museum, gathering not only members of the local Armenian community, but also many Romanians and local media representatives, Director of the Regional Library of Constanta Korina Mihaela Apostoleanu, representative of Antikus Multicultural Association Taner Murad, as well as guests and music lovers.

In his opening remarks, the pastor of the parish talked about the importance of the heroic battles of May and the rebirth of Armenian statehood, stressing the fact that the Armenian people, who had experienced genocide, found the strength to struggle and reestablish an independent Armenian state and declare the Republic of Armenia and that all this was thanks to the heroic spirit and unity of the Armenian nation. Afterwards, the attendees were greeted by member of the parochial council, Armenian language teacher of the local Armenian Sunday school Azatuhi Benlyan, who also presented the program of the concert.

The concert featured performances of the Armenian national and patriotic songs “Yeraz Im Yerkir Hyereni”, “Hov Areq Sarer”, “Bari Aragil”, “Azg Parapants”, “Aghavniner”, “Haiastan”, “Akh Inch Lav Eh Sari Vra”, “Nor Haiastan”, “Bardzrik Haiastan” and more, as well as the genius works of renowned and well-known Armenian composers Aram Khachaturian, Arno Babajanyan and Alexander Spendiaryan by Soprano Armine Khachatryan with the accompaniment of Ms. Andrada Stefan, as well as Mariam Khachatryan, Aram Marius Nitsa, the small choir of children from the Armenian Sunday school of the local St. Mary’s Church under the direction of Armine Khachatryan.

Living far away from the homeland for years, Armenians of the Diaspora became in touch with Armenian culture once again. Their hearts were filled with the longing for the lost homeland once again. The light and tears in the people’s eyes were the unquestionable testimony of the fact that even though they live far away from the homeland, they are still Armenians with their delicate sentimentality and hidden emotions.

After the concert, ahead of June 1 (International Children’s Day), the parochial council invited all the participating children and their parents to a reception at a children’s café.

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