Great music concert dedicated to Republic Day held in Odessa

May 28th, the day of the victory in the Battle of Sardarapat and the First Republic of Armenia, is one of the cherished holidays of all Armenians because it is the day when Armenians ensured the establishment of Armenian statehood by sacrificing their lives and undergoing suffering.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of these major events. Armenians in the Mother Homeland and the Diaspora are celebrating the anniversary with grand events and festivities, and the Armenians of Odessa are no exception.

On this sunny day in May, the large and luminescent hall of the cultural center of the Armenian community was filled with the sounds of great music. At the initiative and with the support of the center’s director Anna Gevorgyan, the shining stars of the community, opera singers. Mr. and Mrs. Vasily Dobrovolsk and Gaiane Harutyunyan, beloved singer and singing teacher Siranush Minasyan, Master of Ceremonies and dance instructor Azganush Vardanyan, had prepared a wonderful festive program that featured performances by the children of Arevik Pre-School. The concert featured performances of the works of genius Armenian composers Aram Khachaturian and Arno Babajanyan with the accompaniment of the symphony ensemble conducted by conductor of the National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet of Odessa, recipient of international awards Vitaly Kovalchuk and with the choir established and directed by the gifted couple.

Among the attendees were the leaders of the community, clergy and representatives of the city’s television networks, as well as reporters and several members of the Armenian community of Odessa. Ahead of the festivities, they participated in all-Ukrainian conferences that were held as part of the celebrations. It was a joy for us to mark this major event with a unified prayer in church, theme-based discussions, recitation, song and dance.

After the Lord’s prayer, the people in the audience listened to a performance of the Armenian national anthem by the local choir.

On the occasion, head of the Armenian community of Odessa Samvel Tigranyan gave his congratulatory remarks in which he touched upon the symbol of the day and stated the following: “The 28th of May 1918 is one of the brilliant pages in the centuries-old history of the Armenian nation since the declaration of the First Republic of Armenia helped our nation fulfill its centuries-old dream, that is, the restoration of Armenia’s independence. We respect the memory of the heroes of all times who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of Armenian statehood and assure that we will never forget their endeavors. The symbol of the heroic battles of the Armenians in May is also a message that we will transmit to the generations, and assurance of that is the Sardarapat Memorial Complex.”

Gaiane and Siranush charmed the audience with their marvelous performances of the songs “Tsitsernak” (Swallow) and “Arajin Siro Yerge” (Song of a First Love), as well as Artemi Ayvazyan’s song “Aghjka Yerge” (Song of a Girl) and “Kele, Lao”. The choir wonderfully performed the song “Sareri Hovin Mernem”, and the performance was followed by the graceful dance by Armenian girls.

It was interesting to see how the multinational choir performed the Armenian songs correctly. It was so close to their hearts that if you closed your eyes and enjoyed it for a moment, you would simply forget that the performers were non-Armenian. All this was due to the hard work and efforts of Gaiane.

Vasily masterfully performed the lyrical songs Ноктюрн,  Верни мне музыку and За всё тебя благодарю of a beloved composer. Rafik Sargsyan, student of the Conservatory’s Vocal Department, performed the Armenian song “Bari Aragil” as a tiding of spring and a symbol of beauty and kindness.

Everyone was excited when they listened to the song “Getashen”, especially since the children of Arevik Pre-School sang along and danced to the sounds.

The festive concert really entertained the audience and left them with a feeling of great satisfaction. The audience expressed its satisfaction with warm rounds of applause and heartfelt exclamations.

The celebration of the great victories ended with the traditional Armenian Kochari dance. The young Armenian girls joined the “Come and Dance the Kochari” pan-Armenian flashmob and danced the round-dance in the churchyard.

Narine Muradyan


Source: Hayern Aysor

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