Armenia is the pulse of the Diaspora

An integral part of the Armenian nation lives and creates thousands of kilometers away from Armenia. It is clear that preserving the Armenian identity in the Diaspora is both difficult and honorable, and it is Armenian schools that help Armenians preserve their national identity and grow up as Armenians with their events and consistent efforts.

The Armenian school of the Union of Belgian-Armenian Democrats of Brussels held another event, and this time it was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia.

If Armenians exist, so does the Republic of Armenia, and vice versa. Accepting this indisputable ideology as a basis, the event helps instill in the children the great feeling of patriotism and teaches them to appreciate and preserve national customs and values. Armenia is the pulse of the Armenian Diaspora, and the role and value of the Armenian Army are unquestionable for the smooth functioning of the pulse. Today, by saying army, we don’t mean blood, victims or battles. Today, by saying army, we mean safety, pride and security. Even in small portions, we try to instill this in the children through various resources.

Yes, Armenia and the Armenian Army are the guarantees of the identity, dignity and self-respect of each and every Armenian!

Hasmik Bakmasyan

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