Film on Syrian-Armenian refugees wins top prize in Sevastopol festival

A film exploring the lives of Syrian-Armenian has won a top award at the XIV Sevastopol International Film festival.

“Last Will”, directed by Armen Khachatryan (Armenia), was named the best full-length movie, reports.

It tells about the plight of Syrian-Armenian refugees who escaped home to find a safe haven in Armenia amid the continuing war crisis in the country. The film describes the heroes’ psychological condition, their grief over lost homes and plans to start a new chapter in their historical homeland.

It is a documentary film-confession featuring particularly two characters who face material hardships and suffer from a psychological trauma, having left their family, relatives and friends in the war-torn country.

The festival featured over 100 documentary films and film series from 30 world countries, including United Kingdom, US and Germany.

The organizers also arranged extra-contest movie screenings, creative ceremonies, and other events.

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