Event dedicated to 103rd anniversary of Armenian Genocide held in New Julfa and attended by Iranians

On May 16, at the initiative of the Armenian National Committee of New Julfa and under the sponsorship of the 103rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Committee, the hall of Ararat Armenian Sport and Cultural Union of New Julfa hosted a lecture and concert in commemoration of the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, reported Alik Daily’s correspondent in New Julfa.

Among the attendees were member of Isfahan City Council, Dr. Shariatinia, as well as state officials, university lecturers, students, artists and other guests.

The event began with the national anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran, followed by a lecture by lecturer of Free University of Isfahan, Dr. Shahin, who touched upon the Armenian Genocide and analyzed the double policies of the former and current Turkish governments as paradoxes. In this framework, he noted the government of the Young Turks, which aspired for constitutionality and progression and planned and perpetrated the Armenian Genocide, as well as the current Turkish government, which even though is referred to as a democratic country, leads a policy of denial of the Armenian Genocide and overlooks the rights and freedoms of the country’s minorities, particularly the Armenians.

The event featured performances by Tehran’s Akunq Armenian Dance Group, the Komitas Youth and Seniors’ Choirs of the Holy Savior Monastery and members of the Kroonk Poetry Club of the Cultural Unit of Ararat Armenian Sport and Cultural Union of New Julfa.

The Master of Ceremonies was Martuni Khachikian.

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