COAF SMART Center set to open

On May 27, 2018, the SMART Center of the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) is set to open in Debet community of Lori Province. The SMART innovative concept is changing the image of rural Armenia, helping it become an integral part of the international community. This $5 million-dollar project is aimed at enhancing local resources and creating opportunities for its application in communities.

COAF SMART is an all-embracing environment for informal education. It ensures equal and adequate opportunities for 150,000 young people and adults in the villages.

The four pillars of the SMART Center’s concept paper are innovation and creativity, language and communication, entrepreneurship and local economic development, active citizenry and personal growth.

Information technologies and foreign languages lie at the core of the SMART programs and teaching materials.

The Next-Gen laboratory of SAP Company (an automated laboratory for management of the resources of enterprises) is the exclusive regional partner of SMART in the field of robotics and programming, and Cafesjian Center for the Arts si the partner for the enhancement of innovative approaches in the art studio.

The opening of COAF SMART Center will be honored by the presence of the benefactors, supporters and partners of the Children of Armenia Fund, as well as Armenia’s leadership and ambassadors.

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