Homenetmen men’s basketball team becomes Lebanon’s champion

On May 15, Homenetmen’s men’s basketball team won Riadi Beirut 74-59 and became Lebanon’s champion.

Hayern Aysor, citing Lebanon’s Aztag Armenian Daily, reports that Homenetmen managed to score the basketball champion title and cup in Lebanon during this season.

At the end of the game, President of the Lebanese Basketball Federation Pierre Kakhia granted medals to Homenetmen’s athletes and the championship cup to the team’s senior player Sevag Ketenjian.

Among those attending the championship game were Member of the Parliament of Lebanon Hagop Terzian and former President of the Lebanese Basketball Federation Walid Nassar.

After the game, thousands of fans of Homenetmen gathered in front of Arin Center of Bourdj Hammoud where they participated in a festive event and viewed a fireworks display.

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