Armenian theater company established in Paris

On June 4, 2017, an Armenian theater company was established in Belgium and has been operating in Paris for the past year. The theater company’s first performance was a performance of the play called “The Fairy Tales of Tumanyan”, featuring the fairy tales of Hovhannes Tumanyan that Armenian children of the Diaspora love the most.

“Our goal was to present the fairy tales in both Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian and make them accessible to children who have no picture of Armenian fairy tales. The performances were held on 9 and 14 June in Paris. The next performance was devoted to the New Year and was entitled “A Dance in Paris”, featuring unpredictable scenes, bright colors, known and unknown characters and, of course, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden who turned the day into a more unforgettable and fairy tale-like day for the children with the gifts that they gave to the children at the end of the event. The performances were organized in association with Bonheur Retrouve (Rediscovered Happiness),” Deputy Director of Collage Theater Company, organizer Heghine Ter Ohannesyan.

In 2018, the theater company decided to have its main crew and set the goal to keep Armenian culture alive among Armenian children, introduce them to Armenian authors, present foreign authors in Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian through plays and engage the children in the plays.

The theater company’s goal is to stage plays for adults as well. Armine Gabrielyan and Heghine Ter Ohannesyan united around this idea and established the Collage Theater Company, the purpose of which is to become an organization and implement several cultural programs in the years to come.

“The performing arts are a synthetic art, and a collage includes various elements of the arts. This is why we named the theater company “Collage”. The theater company will be collaborating with the Paris-based “Kaits” (Spark) and “HyeDas” (Armenian Lesson) organizations and will present the children’s play “The Adventures of Kaj Nazar” in June. The play stars actresses Ruzanna Matevosyan, who is from Armenia and developed the play, Armine Gabrielyan, who is the theater company’s artistic director, as well as the play’s director and actor Albert Yezakyan. The sound engineers are Edgar Abrahamyan, Margo Markosyan and Rafael Rajabyan. The stage design is by Tigran Gabrielyan. The children of Hamazkayin Targmanchats Translators’ School of Paris will also be involved in the play,” Heghine Ter Ohannesyan stated.

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