Armenian community of Perm receives three awards for notable contributions to preservation of Armenian identity

Over the past 16 years, the Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Sunday School of Perm Krai (Russian Federation) has become a unique center for preservation of the Armenian identity for young Russian-Armenians. Thanks to the smart and patriotic teachers, the members of the Armenian community always have the spirit of the Armenian nation, sing Armenian songs and perform Armenian dances, and the national values and the need for preservation of the purity of the Armenian language are instilled in the young generation.

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, Principal of the Mesrop Mashtots Armenian Sunday School Jasmena Hayrapetyan said that the School makes every effort to keep the community viable and help it grow. The School organizes various cultural events, celebrates national and church holidays and organizes screenings of Armenian historical films for the nearly 300 schoolchildren.

One of the School’s established traditions is the flashmob that the Armenian dance group holds at Gorky Square in Perm in May. The flashmob is aimed at introducing passers-by to Armenian culture.

Jasmena Hayrapetyan was in Armenia to participate in the solemn ceremony during which the results of the 2017 Awards “For notable contributions to the preservation of the Armenian identity” were summed up and the diplomas were granted at the Ministry of Diaspora.  During the ceremony, Hayrapetyan received awards as the representative of the winners of the “Defender of the Mother Language” and Best Youth Organization competitions and the “Free Artsakh” and “May: Month of Victories” children’s essay contests.

Expressing gratitude to the Ministry of Diaspora for implementing interesting and substantial programs, Jasmena Hayrapetyan stated that the School has been effectively collaborating with the Ministry of Diaspora and has been participating in all the initiatives of the Ministry since the Ministry’s establishment in 2008.

“The staff at the Ministry of Diaspora has always praised our work and supported us. I am certain that our cooperation will continue since the School carries out more activities and the teachers’ working styles have improved,” the School’s Principal concluded.

Gevorg Chichyan

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