Event dedicated to 103rd anniversary of Armenian Genocide held in Minsk

On April 24, the Embassy of Armenia in Belarus, with the support of the local Armenian community, hosted an event commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide near the cross-stone placed in the yard of the St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Minsk. Among the attendees were Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Republic of Belarus Oleg Yesayan, the personnel of the Armenian Embassy, leaders of Armenian community organizations and several representatives of the Armenian community.

In his speech, Ambassador Yesayan stated that the Ottoman Empire failed to achieve its goal of annihilating the Armenian nation 103 years ago and that the Armenians are stronger and more united today. The Ambassador also stressed the fact that Armenians will keep leading the struggle for international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide so that such crimes against humanity never repeat again.

In closing, Ambassador Yesayan expressed gratitude to all the countries that have recognized and condemned the first genocide of the 20th century. Among other speakers were leaders of Armenian community organizations in Belarus.

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