100 km Hiking for 10 Families’ Bright Future

A group of employees and volunteers of Fuller Center for Housing Armenia has started a 100-km hiking. The campaign started from the village of Pokr Vedi, Ararat region. The first step of the symbolic 100 km was done from one of the first beneficiary families’ house of 2008, from Torosyans’ house and will be finished at Makaryan’s house in Agarakadzor village of Vayots Dzor region who is one of the beneficiary families of FCHA of 2018 .

This year marks an exciting milestone for Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. We are celebrating 10 years of building homes and empowering families through decent, affordable housing. Through these years over 650 families have been assisted and now enjoy the happiness of having a decent home.

“It is happiness to host those people, who relieved us from a big burden, solving our housing problem 10 years ago. Today, I am pleased to convey the symbolic key of the happiness of having a home to the family, whose door knocked the success this year. The most important thing for each person is to have a home and I wish that all Armenian families feel that delight,’’ shared Arayik Torosyan.

At the beginning of this year, the Fuller Center for Housing announced that by the end of the year more than ten houses would be built to make the decade memorable. The  goal of hiking,  lunched ahead of the tenth anniversary,  is to help the families in need of decent housing as well as draw public attention to the housing problem in Armenia. 

“It is already ten years that our organization helps families in housing need in all regions of Armenia. Our support is a boost to the family to believe in their own strength, to become optimistic and to believe in the future. The goal of the campaign is to solve the housing problem of another 10 families, to be united and to help those who are living next to us and who need our help. We are convinced that this 100km will be easy and our expectations will become a reality,’’ said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

The hiking will last four days. Each day the hikers will pass about 25 km.

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