Stepanakert theater to be renovated with joint efforts, Artsakh Culture Minister

Documents of Stepanakert dramatic theater building renovation are being elaborated, Artsakh Minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism, Sergey Shahverdyan, told Artsakhpress.

He underscored that within the frames of “Artsakh, my love: let’s support the theater of Stepanakert” charitable project being carried out at the initiative of Armenian Ministry of Culture, proceeds from concerts and performances go to restoration of Stepanakert theater.

In the Minister’s words the initiative will not be the only and main financial source for the theater’s renovation works. It has an objective to later involve the society and other financial sources.

“The elaboration process of documents of the Stepanakert theater renovation has been already launched. Renovation of the building is very important for our country and especially for the residents of Stepanakert. When Artsakh was annexed to Azerbaijan, Stepanakert theater was one of the few hearths that was preserving the Armenian soul. The theater was built in 1952 and with nationwide efforts,’’ Sergey Shahverdyan said. He expressed hope that this time also the theater will be revived with joint efforts.

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