RA Minister of Diaspora receives Chairman of Founding Body of Tekeyan Cultural Association Lebanon

On March 28, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Chairman of the Founding Body of Tekeyan Cultural Association Lebanon Hagop Kassarjian.

Greeting the guest, the Minister attached importance to the pro-Armenian activities of Tekeyan Cultural Association, emphasized the need to unite around pan-Armenian issues and be united as one and asked about the meeting of the Association’s worldwide organizations held in New Jersey. “It is necessary to combine our efforts and create a Tekeyan All-Armenian Cultural Association, which will consolidate the forces of members of Tekeyan Cultural Association, further revitalize the Armenian Diaspora and cultural life in the Armenian Diaspora and revalue the merit and reputation of Tekeyan, the great writer.”

Hagop Kassarjian stated that Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan had come up with this idea a long time ago and voiced hope that it turns into a reality during the upcoming congress of Tekeyan Cultural Association to be held in Yerevan on 9-11 May.

An agreement was reached on turning the idea of consolidation of Tekeyan Cultural Association and providing support to the developed programs and programs under development through the combined efforts and with the support of the Ministries of Diaspora and Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

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