Davit Sargsyan: “Language is one of the major components of national identity, and consequently, national security”

Keeping the mother language away from violations and distortions should not be limited to a celebration of the mother language. This is part of the thoughts and ideas that people concerned about the issues of language in Armenia express during my interviews. In his heartfelt article for Hayern Aysor, one of the well-known intellectuals of our days, prose writer, Candidate of Philological Sciences, publicist and Chief Advisor to the Director of the Museum of History of the Battle of Musa Dagh and the Ethnography of the Armenians of Musaler Davit Sargsyan has also presented his reflection and thoughts on the current state of the Armenian language.

I follow the written and verbal speech on Facebook pages, of high-ranking officials, public and political figures and, why not, of many intellectuals and in Armenian television shows, advertisements and films and see the level of extreme illiteracy, foreignisms, jargon and spelling. If the victory campaign of widespread illiteracy is not suspended and the relevant authorities don’t take measures, our mother language, the marvelous literary Armenian will be classified as a dead language or will turn into another language in which there will be foreignisms, illiterate syntax.

In this sense, the need for state care for the mother language is very important, and it is expressed by the annual celebration of the Mother Language, but only for one day. However, attention has to be paid every day. We need to lead an unwavering and consistent struggle. The public needs to dispraise especially those who often use vulgar words and distort the language, and if necessary, the public needs to give out names. It seems as though this problem shouldn’t have emerged, especially in our case since we are not the only ones who have appreciated the wealth, flexibility and beauty of the Armenian language several times. The human qualities of the user also attest the familiarity with the language. I believe that children in general education schools (where it is desired to teach not only Eastern Armenian, but also Western Armenian, and in specialized schools – also grabar (classic Armenian)), need to become not only literate, but also be zealous to speak literately at home and with friends.

Language also educates a person and shapes his psychology, mentality and civic stance. It is one of the major components of national identity, and consequently, national security. Without that component, or by distorting language in various spheres and environments, we will become detached from everything that characterizes the national identity and put our type at risk.

All Armenians need to be focused on the purity of the Armenian language. The representatives of all sectors and all layers of society, irrespective of social status and profession, must be zealous. In their daily activities, they need to prioritize the language and observe it not only as a simple means of communication, but also as a criterion of national dignity and human quality and as the guarantee of self-expression and a unified position.

I dream of a society of such literate, civilized people who respect their own and national values and have fear, are optimistic and have faith. I congratulate all us Armenians on Mother Language Day…

With this optimism and faith of Davit Sargsyan, let’s wait for the desired day for more appreciation of the Mother Language when our precious Armenian language will be under the care of everyone, when the major spheres of our lives will be cleared of distortions, jargon and foreignisms, when all mass media outlets will set an example of how one should speak and write in Armenian perfectly and when all Armenian families around the world will preserve our sacred language.

Karine Avagyan

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