Two new bills on Armenian Genocide to be put into circulation in Netherlands

 Joël Voordewind, representing the Christian Union party of the Netherlands, puts into circulation two new bills on the Armenian Genocide, Masis Abrahamyan – chairman of the Armenian National Committee of the Netherlands, told Armenpress.

“He has prepared two bills to submit to the parliament, the first one of which, seems, is the confirmation of the 2004 decision, and the second one is a decision imposing a visit of the government’s representative , and if it is adopted, visit at the ministerial level to the Tsitsernakaberd is expected”, he said.

In 2004 the Parliament of the Netherlands adopted a decision on the Armenian Genocide which was assessed as a recognition. Masis Abrahamyan said later the decision was elaborated by the government in a way that they have an opportunity to avoid it as much as possible. Different governments had different approaches, but the approach of the last government is strictly regressive as they refuse to talk about the Armenian Genocide and use the term ‘Armenian Genocide issue’ instead.

The Dutch-Armenian Cooperating Organizations, in particular, the Armenian National Committee and the Federation of Armenian Organizations of the Netherlands (FAON) strictly condemn this position and try to change it with all possible measures.

“As at the moment pro-Armenian parties are part of the government which previously provided great support especially in the recognition of the Genocide, and therefore the Dutch-Armenians do not miss any chance to propose demands to them. I want to state that before submitting these two bills, Joël Voordewind initiated a special parliamentary process inviting the representatives of the Armenian community and the Dutch-Armenian Cooperating Organizations. This meeting will be held today during which the representatives of the Armenian National Committee, the Federation, as well as the ARF Garegin Njdeh youth union will provide comprehensive explanations to Mr. Voordewind”, he said.

On February 15 a Q&A session will be held in the Parliament during which the issue of the Armenian Genocide will be discussed. The discussion is open, and numerous Dutch-Armenians will attend it.

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