Famous Turkish-Armenian doctor Agop Kotogyan dies

Famous Turkish-Armenian doctor, dermatologist Agop Kotogyan has passed away. He was 79 years old, reported the Turkish Hurriyet.

Turkish-Armenian Deputy Selina Dogan, who represents the Kemalist Republican Peoples’ Party, reported the news about the professor’s death on her Twitter page, stating that the country lost one of its most remarkable dermatologists. “God rest his soul,” the MP wrote in Armenian.

Hagop Kotoghian was born in 1939 in Istanbul after his parents — Kirkor Kotogyan and Mrs. Makrouhi — moved to Istanbul from Yozghat. In the year that he graduated from school, he started working at a studio where he would process silver. He loses his hand while working with one of the machine tools. The doctors said there was no hope that Agop would live. He remained unconscious for days after the surgery, but he eventually came out of the coma and continued to live.

Later, he was named as “Handless Agop” for having only one hand. He is author of two books devoted to dermatology and would treat patients from different parts of the world.

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