Armenian Culture Day event held in Beirut

On February 7, the center of the Young Women’s Christian Association-Beirut (YWCA-Beirut) hosted an event under the title “Armenian Culture Day”. The event was jointly organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Lebanon and the Young Women’s Christian Association-Beirut.

As reported diplomat for activities with the Armenian community of Lebanon Vladimir Poghosyan to Hayern Aysor, the embroidered items with ornaments characterizing the various regions of Historic Armenia (made by the women of the Lebanese Relief Cross), the paintings of Merited Artist of the Republic of Armenia Anatoly Avetyan and Armenian traditional dishes (made by Mayrig Restaurant) were presented at the event.

The event featured speeches by President of YWCA-Beirut Rola El Khoury and Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Lebanon Samvel Mkrtchyan. Ambassador Mkrtchyan attached importance to the need to present the rich Armenian culture to the friendly people of Lebanon in order to strengthen the bonds between the peoples of Lebanon and Armenia and enrich them. The Ambassador briefly presented episodes of the dissemination of Christianity in Armenia, as well as Armenian history and culture.

The speeches were followed by the showing of a documentary film devoted to Armenia and performances by Lebanese-Armenian dudukist Kevork Keshishian.

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