Teleconference devoted to 4th Pan-Armenian Forum of Architects and Engineers was held

On February 9, the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia held a teleconference with representatives of the chapters of the Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers.

Among the participants representing Armenia were Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, Deputy Minister Vahagn Melikyan, Co-Chair of the Pan-Armenian Association of Architects and Engineers (PAAE) Kohar Toutounjian, Executive Director Arpine Danielyan and employees of the Ministry.

Coordinator of the Association’s Turkey Chapter Jean Gavrilof and coordinator of the Russia Chapter Telemak Ananyan joined the teleconference via a video call.

Greeting the participants, Minister Hranush Hakobyan highly appreciated the efforts of the Association and its chapters and stated that the first Pan-Armenian Forum of Architects and Engineers, which was held by the Ministry back in 2009, became a serious platform for professional discussions. “In October 2018, a decade after the first forum, we will be holding the fourth Pan-Armenian Forum of Architects and Engineers, and I am certain that it will be held in a more organized and effective manner. Through the active efforts of the Association’s chapters abroad, we will expand the geography of the participants of the forum. After all, this year’s forum will be held after the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, the 100th anniversary of the heroic Battles of May and the 2,800th anniversary of Yerevan and the Francophonie Summit to be hosted in Armenia. This forum of architects and engineers will truly be impressive and will properly wrap up the year,” Hranush Hakobyan emphasized.

The Minister also attached importance to promotion of the repatriation of professionals, the creation and expansion of professional networks and their close collaboration, which will let us contribute to the development of professional qualities and the welfare of Armenia.

Deputy Minister Vahagn Melikyan introduced the participants of the teleconference to the initial version of the agenda for the forum and stated that the organizers expect to see a turnout of 250 engineers, architects and construction field specialists.

Talking about the main goals of the forum, Co-Chair of the PAAE Kohar Toutounjian set aside once again the promotion of repatriation of professionals, the identification of the potential of Armenian architects, the growth of tourism of professionals, the preservation of historic and cultural monuments, the presentation of the real estate market in Armenia, new architectural projects and structures and more.

Coordinator of the Turkey Chapter Jean Gavrilof presented the completed works and informed that the Turkey Chapter is now collaborating with TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. He also stated that the Turkey Chapter is exploring Turkish archives and several other materials that present the contributions that Armenian architects have made to the history and development of Turkish architecture.

Minister Hranush Hakobyan recommended dedicating a session of the forum or holding a commemorative event dedicated to the activities and heritage of the Palyan family, host courses devoted to them at universities, as well as shoot and broadcast a film devoted to the Palyan family. “We need to let the generations know about the trace of our ancestors,” the Minister added.

Coordinator of the Association’s Russia Chapter Telemak Ananyan attached importance to the issue of diversity of information about Armenian architecture in foreign languages on the Internet and recommended digitizing all the speeches of the forums and creating a special portal that will let Armenian architects of the world sign in and upload their articles, studies and scientific works. The participants also recommended replenishing with various materials devoted to Armenian architecture. Telemak Ananyan also recommended adding a session devoted to research and studies under the second heading (“Issues of Science in the Fields of Architecture and Engineering”) of the draft agenda for the forum. The coordinator of the Russia Chapter stated that it would be more appropriate to turn the forum into an international scientific forum, adding that this will foster the engagement of young specialists and professors.

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