Yerevan to celebrate Armenian Boun Barekendan holiday

On February 11, Yerevan will celebrate the Armenian Boun Barekendan holiday with a festive march and other events devoted to the holiday.

On February 11 at 13:30, with masks, songs, dances, a carriage and with the accompaniment of heroes from fairy tales, citizens will pass by Mesrop Mashtots Avenue and reach Freedom Square during a festive march devoted to Boun Barekendan. The march will start from the St. Sarkis Church of the Araratian Patriarchal Diocese.

At Freedom Square, they will participate in an event devoted to Boun Barekendan, featuring performances of Armenian songs and dances, plays, displays of kokh, games and competitions, reported the press service of Yerevan Municipality.

Barekendan, which is one of the shifting holidays of the Armenian Apostolic Church, is celebrated in the period between St. Sarkis Day and the Great Lent. The holiday ends with Boun Barekendan, which is celebrated on the Sunday before the weekly lents and the Great Lent. During the Barekendan holiday, people would rejoice, sing, dance, set tables, put on masks, as well as play games and perform plays. They would specifically eat juicy foods, meaty dishes and dairy products.

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