Armenian Diaspora has responded to Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s call for investments

During a February 1 question-and-answer session at the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Deputy of the Yelq bloc’s parliamentary faction Edmon Marukyan asked Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan about the call that he made last year to Diaspora Armenians to make investment. The MP also asked how many people had responded to that call and if there had been any investments?

In response, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said Diaspora Armenians had responded to his call. “We will present the statistics to you during this month. All ministries will receive reports in February,” he said. The Prime Minister added that Armenia received 856,000,000 in investments in 2017, of which 570 million were sent from the private sector. In addition, 190,000,000,000 has been invested in Armenia’s provinces.

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