Mayor of Almelo attends screening of documentary film “Voskan Yervantsi”

On February 4, the first part of the documentary film “Voskan Yerevantsi” was screened during an event held in the Armenian-populated city of Almelo in the Netherlands and sponsored by Patriarchal Delegate of Western Europe, leader of the Armenian Diocese of France, Bishop Vahan Hovhannisyan. The film was presented by producer and famous Armenian journalist and TV host Nver Mnatsakanyan. The screening was organized by the Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church of Almelo and Homenetmen Almelo and sponsored by the Representation of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) in the Netherlands.

As reported the Diary of the Netherlands to Hayern Aysor, among the attendees and speakers were Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Netherlands Dzyunik Aghajanyan and Mayor of Almelo Arzhen Kheritsen, who particularly stated the fact that the Armenian version of the Bible was first published in Holland.

The film was about Armenian cultural figure, publisher and linguist Voskan Yervantsi (also known as Voskan Jughayetsi). On March 11, 1666, he and his disciples started publishing the Bible in Armenian in Amsterdam. It took them over two years to publish the first Armenian version of the Bible in its entirety.

The Armenian version of the Bible was published in Amsterdam in 5,000 copies.

The 350th anniversary of the first publication of the Armenian Bible has been included in the 2016-2017 UNESCO Calendar of Famous People and Major Events.

The film “Voskan Yerevantsi” will also be shown in Armenian-populated communities across Europe.

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