The last Armenian living in Afrin

The Kurds’ Turkish-language news agency has covered the story of Harout Gevorg, who is the last Armenian remaining in Afrin and is a descendant of Armenians who escaped the Armenian Genocide, reported

According to the source, the operation in Afrin has been going on for the past 19 days. As a result of this operation, Harout Gevorg, the only Armenian left in Afrin, recalls the Armenian Genocide. The family of the 61-year-old man moved to Ezaz and then to Aleppo after the Armenian Genocide. Gevorg, who moved to Afrin 50 years ago, is a smithy and has four sons.

In an interview with the news agency’s correspondent, Harout Gevorg particularly said the following: “I am an Armenian from Aintab. In 1915, we were exiled. During the Armenian Genocide, we came to Aleppo. Later, we moved to Afrin. There were many Armenian families who had come with me. Most of them died, and some of them emigrated after the war. I am the only Armenian left in Afrin. I am defending our city along with all the other nations living here. Turkey has been continuing its attacks for the past century. Turkey continues to kill women and children, just like it did back then. The genocide is happening again after a century.”

Gevorg not only demanded that Turkey put an end to the assaults, but also emphasized that Afrin is the only city that has never seen war. “Enough is enough! Don’t shed blood! Don’t attack people! Afrin was the only place in Syria where there had never been a war. Why are you striving to destroy this city that has become a shelter for people?”

At the end of the interview, Gevorg also said a couple of words in his native language (Armenian) and stated the following: “We were exiled from our homes in Turkey. We came here. Now they are trying to make us leave this place. We demand that this war and the attacks are put to an end. Let everyone hear us out. Our call is addressed to all nations of the world.”

Translated from Turkish into Armenian by Meline Anumyan

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