“Time machine” transported Armenians of Saint Petersburg to Historic Armenia

On February 4, the Armenian community of Saint Petersburg held a festive and instructive event with the motto “One People-One Family”.

Vernatun Armenian Cultural Center, which operates under the auspices of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Armenian community of Saint Petersburg, hosted a festive, instructive and charity event to celebrate the New Year. The event was organized by Khatutik Armenian Ethnic Center.

In his opening remarks, head of the community Karen Mkrtchyan wished the guests have a good time and extended thanks to the team at Khatutik Armenian Ethnic Center for organizing a special event. The guests were also greeted by pastor of the Saint Katarine Armenian Apostolic Church, Fr. Yeprem Zargaryan, and the event began with the unified Lord’s Prayer.

According to schedule, the guests were transported to Historic Armenia through a “time machine” and were greeted by the hospitable Armenian people.

The “Armenian people” were the specialists and volunteers of Khatutik Armenian Ethnic Center and the members of Zartonk Armenian Dance Ensemble and the Lazaryans Armenian Education Center of the Armenian Apostolic Church who greeted the guests in traditional Armenian costumes and presented Armenian culture and national values.

The organizers and the attending guests participated in an interactive play.

The event featured a historical background, a master class, performances of Armenian national songs and dances, national games, making of traditional desserts (“pokhindz”), decoration of a Tree of Life and other interesting events. Santa Claus visited the gathered and, according to tradition, wished everyone a Happy New Year, gave his words of advice and gifts and gathered the children to write a letter expressing their wishes for Armenia.

In an interview with Hayern Aysor, General Director of Khatutik Armenian Ethnic Center Lilit Sharbatyan said the following: “It is more than important to appreciate our centuries-old history, culture, traditions and national values. Living in a megapolis far away from the homeland, the Armenians of this megapolis face the issue of assimilation, which is leading to the change and sometimes oblivion of identity, the native language, as well as values and traditions. The main goal of this event and the activities of our development center in general is to help Armenians preserve their national identity and be guided by great values.”

The children expressed the following wishes in their letter:

“Let our homeland be in peace! Let all soldiers be strong and return to their homes safe and sound! Let our homeland flourish! Let our parents be happy for us! Let fathers stay in Armenia so that we can live there! When we grow up, we will return to Armenia so that we can make our country beautiful…”

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