Levon Aharonian: “Whatever I do, I do it for Armenians and Armenia”

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan received Iranian-Armenian businessman, President of the Iran-Armenia Friendship Association and public figure Levon Aharonian.

Cordially greeting the guest, the Minister highly appreciated Levon Aharonian’s various activities and attached importance to his past charities and investment projects that contribute to Armenia’s development. The Minister of Diaspora stated that Aharonian, who is respected and highly reputable in the Armenian community, also makes great contributions to the growth of the friendship and development of business ties between Iranians and Armenians. As chairperson of the board of the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce for many years, Aharonian has made his contributions to the development of trade and economic relations between the two countries, and by supporting the launch of the Tehran-Yerevan flights, he has contributed to the growth of tourism (more and more Iranians and Iranian-Armenians are visiting Armenia on a daily basis).

The Minister attached special importance to Levon Aharonian’s community service and the great dedication that he shows as he publishes Houys Armenian magazine, which is a very popular magazine of the Iranian-Armenian community.

The Iranian-Armenian figure expressed gratitude for the cordial reception, attached importance to the programs being implemented by the Ministry of Diaspora and stated that the 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Conference was particularly effective and substantial.

He presented his new program in Armenia through which he has purchased and capitally renovated the Soviet-era Pioneer Camp in Hankavan and is planning on carrying out various programs to bring young Diaspora Armenians to Armenia where they will be introduced and become connected to the homeland, contribute to Armenia’s advancement, and some of them might even repatriate.

Levon Aharonian suggested working together and stated that he would be glad to host the participants of the “Ari Tun” Program. He also talked about his new investment project and invited the Minister to participate in the opening ceremony of his Annabella Hotel in Arabkir in May of this year. “Whatever I do, I do it for Armenians and Armenia,” the Iranian-Armenian businessman concluded.

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