Children of Mislata’s Armenian Sunday school receive response letters from Armenian soldiers

On January 28, the Armenian Sunday school in Mislata (Valencia) hosted a special lesson dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army. The children of the school had received response letters from Armenian soldiers, that is, the responses to the letters that the schoolchildren had addressed to the soldiers a year ago on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the formation of the triumphant Armenian Army. “Dear children, do you remember when you wrote letters to our soldiers?” the school’s Principal Ararat Ghukasyan asked the children. “Yes!” the children unanimously said. “And now, the soldiers have responded to us,” Ghukasyan continued. “Did it take that long for the letters to reach them?” 8-year-old Maria asked. “Do you know how far Armenia is? The distance is the reason why they received the letters late,” Sonya interrupted. “I know,” Maria said,” I have been to Armenia.” “Dear children, our children are performing a major task – they are defending the borders of our homeland so that we and our compatriots live in Armenia in peace. This is why their responses are a little late,” the teacher explained and prepared to open the envelopes.

There was no limit to the children’s happiness when they felt and realized that their letters had reached their addresses, the Armenian soldiers who are defending the borders of Armenia and who found the time to respond to the children’s letters and kind wishes, even during these difficult times. Roman, Valeria, Victoria, Isabella, Maria and the other children were kind of happy inside when they heard their names. Ghukasyan read the letters of the soldiers one by one and their message to their Diaspora Armenian friends. Among the attendees of this special lesson were the children’s parents who were listening to the letters addressed to their children with great emotions and satisfaction.

Hayern Aysor presents some of the letters of the schoolchildren and soldiers.

Ստորև «Հայերն այսօր»-ը ներկայացնում է աշակերտների և զինվորների մի քանի նամակներ.

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