For Kirk Kerkorian, making money was a way of making a donation (video)

Kirk Kerkorian was a unique person. William Rempel, author of the book “The Player”, has seconded the conviction of many Armenians with a book that features unique stories about the unique person.

“He was a player, took risks easily, but he was also a uniquely sincere person and had such trust that his word was equivalent to a written contract,” says Rempel.

According to Rempel, Kerkorian wasn’t afraid of losing everything because he had started to rise from zero. His parents were not merely poverty-stricken. They couldn’t rent a home and would stay homeless from time to time. Having nothing since childhood, Kirk Kerkorian was always ready to take risks in the future, but those risks were big risks.

“His close ones knew that he would always take the blame for all the losses suffered after taking risks and would always share his incomes with others.”

In his teenage years, Kirk Kerkorian was a professional boxer. He also worked as a furniture loader, but after taking a flight with one of his friends, he fell in love with the sky and decided to become a pilot. During WWII, Kirk Kerkorian would deliver goods to Britain under dangerous conditions. After the war, he leased a small plane and established a company. With his earnings, he decided to build a hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and that’s where his financial empire started growing. However, for Kirk Kerkorian, making money was not an end in itself, but a way of making a donation.

“Kirk’s goal was to make money so that he could distribute the funds. There is a story when his manager showed him how much they would earn from the sale of Chrysler’s shares. Kirk looked at the manager and said only one thing: “That’s wonderful. Charitable organizations will like that.”

Kirk Kerkorian always wanted to remain confidential when doing charities.

“He didn’t even want people to thank him. He wouldn’t let any street or grove be named in his honor.”

According to Ambassador of Armenia to the United States of America Grigor Hovhannisyan, even though Kerkorian demanded that nothing be named in his honor, his work is eternal. Nevertheless, he agreed to accept the title of National Hero, which is the highest award of Armenia.

“Every schoolchild learns the names of Armenian heroes in the 2nd or 3rd grade, and one of those heroes is Kirk Kerkorian, along with Victor Hambardzumyan, Catholicos Vazgen I and the heroes of the Artsakh war.”

Touching upon the $2.5-3 billion dollar legacy of Kerkorian, William Rempel says the legacy has been entirely transmitted for charity purposes. As to which organizations will receive the funds, the committee set up by Kerkorian will decide, and among the members of the committee are Armenian American doctor Eric Esraielian, as well as Kirk Kerkorian’s former lawyer and accountant.

“He had decided that all the funds would be geared towards charity. As to where it would be geared, Kerkorian left it up to the accountant, his former lawyer and Esraielian to decide. In his will, Kirk stated that the decision had to be made soon, that is, a couple of years. So, I think everything will be clear by next year.”

Source: Voice of America

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