Five brothers from Artsakh are serving in the Armenian army

Being the son of the Nation is not enough. You also have to be the ardent soldier of the Nation – it seems as though these words of Nzhdeh were written for them.

In our days, there are truly many families or parents whose sons are serving in the Defense Army of Artsakh.

Artyusha and Melanya Avagimyan, residents of the Gishi village of Martuni region of the Republic of Artsakh, are such unique parents whose five sons are serving in the Armenian Army.

Andranik, the elder of the sons, is ranked a deputy colonel and is serving at N Military Unit in Martakert, and Artur is also ranked a deputy colonel and is serving at N Military Unit in Martakert. The others sons – Arayik, Arkadya and Alexander – are serving at different military units of the Republic of Artsakh.

Brothers Andranik and Arayik have already participated in military operations during the Artsakh war, and during the resistance in April 2016, all five brothers were on the frontline. Let us mention that during those days, the boys’ father, Artyusha Avagimyan was also participating in the war, in spite of his old age. As an active participant of the struggle for Artsakh, he also found something to do during the days of the Artsakh war. As Artyusha Avagimyan mentioned with regret, in April 2016, even though he wasn’t able to participate in the military operations, but did participate in the engineering works on the second line. He went with the call of the homeland again. He is a participant of the first Artsakh war and joined the boys of the village in several battles and was wounded twice – once from the leg, and the other from a grenade.

During our interview, Artur Avagimyan, who is serving at a military unit in Martakert, proudly talked about his father’s past. “I have tried to be like my father. Since 1992, he has been participating in the battle for Artsakh as a member of the voluntary detachment of his native village, and my principle is that I have to continue what my father started.” Andranik, the elder brother, also talked about his father’s patriotism and the way he and his brothers were raised, adding that this is what guided and continues to guide them in their lives.

As the boys say, they are proud to serve in the army together. The younger brother, Alexander, who is serving at a military unit in Martakert, says he always feels proud that he has such brothers, that they are all soldiers and that they are referred to as the Avagimyan brothers. Alexander is also a good and knowledgeable serviceman and is very well aware that one has to defend his homeland at any price. He acts by paying heed to the messages of his father and brothers. It is not by chance that the five brothers have preferred to become soldiers since they are performing a sacred task, that is, they are defending a homeland and are going to the frontline to defend the precious and cherished homeland and its borders.

Melanya Avagimyan, the boys’ mother, is proud of her sons. Any mother would be proud of such sons, but Mrs. Avagimyan is also certain that her sons are performing their duties for the homeland in good faith. She is the one who tells them that the homeland is precious and that it has to be defended.

As we mentioned, the brothers are serving at different military units and hold different positions. They have also been awarded state and governmental awards and have received incentives from their superior commanders several times. As different individuals and having different professions, they also have common traits, the first of which is punctuality and faithfulness, a high sense of responsibility and dedication to their native land.

The sons’ parents have taught them that patriotism comes first. Arayik Avagimyan also talked about his father. Arayik said he and his brothers have seen their father during the battle for Artsakh and that their father instilled in them the idea that they have to do everything possible for the homeland so that their children live and grow up in peace.

Deputy Colonel Artur Avagimyan, who is serving at a military unit in Martakert, doesn’t face any difficulties during military service. If a particular commander is educated and prepares and educates himself, he is capable of overseeing his soldiers.

The Avagimyan brothers are happy for their successes and consult with each other at difficult moments, but their parents have been their senior consultants since childhood.

According to Artur Avagimyan, their father helped them understand what brotherhood is all about. “My father would always tell us to be together and strong. I remember how he would tell my brothers the story of a broom, how one fiber of a broom is broken quicker than a broom with splinters, and based on that, we are guided by this motto and with respect for each other and asking each other for advice. Of course, we ask our elder brother more for advice since he is more educated and more literate. We build our lives by collaborating, calling each other on the phone, meeting and consulting,” Artur Avagimyan said.

The Avagimyan brothers serve in different locations and are far from each other, but they don’t complain about the path they have chosen and the life of a serviceman. Moreover, they are thinking about seeing their future sons in camouflage in the future as well.

Mrs. Melanya Avagimyan is also proud of her grandchildren. She has 17 grandsons. This year, her elder grandson, Mher will be recruited. His grandmother is certain that he will be one of the best soldiers and will keep the honor of his father and uncles high.

The only thing left to say is that not only the Armenian army, but also Armenian statehood is hinged on such servicemen, people and families. They modestly do what shapes the combat-readiness of the given subdivision, military unit and the Armed Forces and help us Armenians have the country and homeland that our fathers and forefathers dreamed about and where our sons and grandsons will consider it an honor and the greatest joy to live.

We wish the Avagimyan brothers success in their service and wish that their days are peaceful since they and people like them are precious for the nation and the army.

Lusine Zakaryan

Editor of Jraberd official newspaper of Martakert region

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