Unique family archive donated to Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Through the efforts of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, the family archive of a U.S.-based Armenian family of Armenian Genocide survivors has been moved to Armenia and donated to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

As reported the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute to Hayern Aysor, U.S.-based Susan Solakian transferred the long history of her big family (memoirs, documents, photos) to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. Of course, she is certain that her family’s relics are in good hands, and her goal is to transfer the most important thing — memory — to the generations.

The history of the family of Thomas and Esther Mkrtichian, who are originally from Mezre (Kharberd) spans more than a century, starting from the time they were deported from their historic homeland and ending with the time they settled in the United States. It is rich with precise historiographical information and features the gravest manifestations of human loss.

The archival materials of the family serve as a major source to study the deportations of the Armenians of Kharberd and their massacres, the fact that German officials were accomplices to the Turks and supported them, the brutal murders of Armenian intellectuals, the violence that was perpetrated and the state of migrants.

The materials will be explored in detail by the scientific workers of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and presented to the public.

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