Church holidays in 2018 (Saint Sarkis the Warrior Day is on January 27 this year)

Congregate of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, Fr. Supreme Archimandrite Zakaria Baghumyan posted the following on his Facebook page:

“This year, Saint Sarkis the Warrior Day is on January 27, the Great Lent starts on February 12, Mijink is on March 7, Tsaghkazard (Palm Sunday) is on March 25, and Holy Resurrection Day is on April 1.

The Glorification of Jesus Christ (Vardavar Water Festival), which is one of the church holidays, will be celebrated on July 8, the Day of Transfiguration of the Holy Virgin (Blessing of Grapes) is on August 12, and Khachverats Day is on September 16.”

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