Garo Pailan called to prosecutor’s office to testify in regard to series of assassination attempts against Armenians and Kurds in Europe

Member of Turkey’s oppositional Peoples’ Democratic Party and Turkish-Armenian MP Garo Pailan has shown up at the prosecutor’s office in Ankara to testify under the case instigated based on information about preparations for a series of assassination attempts against Armenians, Alevis and Kurds in Europe.

As reports, Pailan was escorted by his lawyers.

The Turkish-Armenian MP stressed that Istanbul-Armenian journalist was targeted and assassinated the same way years ago.

“There is a reality like the murder of Hrant Dink in the history of this country. He also became the target of the press and the authorities in that period. He was my friend. I wanted him to leave the country, but he stayed and was assassinated. Even today, several intellectuals are the target of political figures and the press, and one of them is Jan Dyundar. We received information from Germany that assassination attempts are being organized against them. There is no evidence or document about this. The information is only verbal,” Pailan said, reported

Earlier, Garo Pailan had warned that the criminals preparing a series of assassination attempts against Armenians, Alevis and Kurds, as well as against oppositional figures, intellectuals and journalists having left the country due to pressure from Turkey and guided by Turkey, already have a list.

Several Europe-based Istanbul-Armenian intellectuals had confirmed the information. One of those intellectuals, former editor of Hrant Gasparian, who moved to Berlin a couple of months ago, informed that he is among those who are under special protection of the German authorities following receipt of information about the series of assassination attempts.

A couple of days ago, anonymous people attacked the Sahakyan Armenian Union in Brussels, and among the leaders of the union are Armenians originally from Turkey.

It was also informed that due to the current danger, writer Haiko Baghdad was forced to give a speech with an armored jacket in Berlin. After the incident in Brussels, he posted the following on his page on a social network: “I warn you once again-treat the claims about assassination attempts in Germany seriously.”

Recently, an assassination attempt was made against Kurdish football player Deniz Naki in Germany, and Turkish nationalists are suspected of the crime. Naki also testified that the attack against him was made by Turkish nationalists.

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