Armenian cultural center in Valence hosts various kinds of events every day

On January 3, the cultural center in Valence hosted an event for parents, guests and employees. During the event, the children of the “Armenian Culture Studio” of the Armenian cultural center presented their substantial programs.

As reported board member of the Armenian cultural center in Valence Susan Pahlevanian to Hayern Aysor, employees Rosy Sarian, Lucy Hamamjian and Sona Janazian, as well as assistants Anahid Mkrtchian, Liza Sarian and Julia Kirazian are guided by the motto “To educate children starting from the cradle”. They work with the children in an atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual understanding. They find new ways of presenting materials, teach the schoolchildren in pairs and groups, introduce new techniques and provide that which is helpful and instructive with the help of didactic materials. This is necessary for Diaspora Armenian children so that they are provided with an Armenian upbringing and are introduced to Armenian culture, arts and history.

Chairman of the Armenian cultural center Nazo Jinbashian was farsighted. He would see the children years later after visiting the cultural center, receiving an Armenian education and staying clung to the national roots.

Five years ago, the Armenian cultural center opened the Armenian Culture Studio for children. During their vacation, children between the ages of 5 and 11 attend lessons at the studio. There is a specific schedule every day, and evidence of this is the sign posted in the hall that shows the daily activities of the children.

On January 3, there were songs and dances, applause and laughter, recitation and games. The little “chefs” were treating the attendees to the pancakes they had made. The Diaspora Armenian children were speaking the Armenian language fluently, putting smiles on the faces of the attendees.

At the end, the parents express their gratitude to the employees, and not only the parents, but also the guests conveyed their words of gratitude to Nazo Jinbashian for coming up with the idea and implementing it.

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