Hrant Dink School hosts New Year’s event

The pure and beautiful fairy tale of New Year was uniquely presented during an event held at Hrant Dink School. The most brilliant ceremony of the year began with congratulatory remarks from the school’s Principal Heriknaz Avakian. The dreams and festive mood of the children, their smiles and laughter, songs and dances, recitation and games, shiny and colorful clothes and the scent of the tasty Armenian gata were spread everywhere.

As reported Lilit Poghosyan to Hayern Aysor, the children of the kindergarten and the 1st-5th graders performed with great responsibility and received warm rounds of applause from their parents and relatives. The children read their letters addressed to Santa Claus. Eduard asked for a big and new school, Arevik asked for a sister or brother, while others wished for world peace for children. Nevertheless, they mainly wished to return to the homeland.

What is a New Year’s event without gifts? Trustees, Mr. and Mrs. Horozoglus and their son, Karot gave the children their New Year’s gifts with great excitement. While the children were examining their gifts with great interest, the high school students had started their masquerade. The 10th grade students of the Central Armenian School and their teacher, Mrs. Lizet and Mrs. Tamar made a surprise visit and made the children even happier with their beautiful gifts. They gave their gifts to the children of the kindergarten with pleasure, talked to them and felt happy that they were happy.

May kindness reign in our hearts and may the New Year starts from a big heart, turning into a great love that we will show not only on the New Year, but also every day.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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