New Year’s gift for Armenian schoolchildren of Istanbul

For nearly 13 years, the Mkhitaryan Sanots Armenian Union of Istanbul has been carrying out the “500 Smiling Eyes” New Year’s program through which every schoolchild receives the gift of his or her dream from Santa Claus.

As reported Lilit Poghosyan to Hayern Aysor, years ago, the program would be carried out for only one school, but now nearly 640 schoolchildren of 6 Armenian schools in Istanbul receive gifts. Among those schools is the Hrant Dink School, which hosted an event on 28 December. During the event, the “500 Smiling Eyes” Program’s most generous Santa Claus, who had generously and tirelessly replied to the children’s letters, distributed the gifts that they wanted. The children were very happy to see that their dreams had come true. The students of Hrant Dink School sang the Armenian song “Little Armenia” as a sign of gratitude. We believe that these gifts will make the children be generous and show their generosity in the years to come.  By reminding others about their childhood, they will go on to entertain other Armenian children in the future.

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