Eduardo Eurnekian to be transferring management of his business to his cousin

Famous Argentine-Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian is preparing to transfer management of his business to his cousin, Martin Eurnekian, reported Eurnekian in an interview with Bloomberg.

In late January, the businessman is going to sell the shares of Corporacion America Airports SA, to which the concession for management of 51 airports of the world pertains. The value of the shares is $750 million. Eduardo Eurnekian’s 39-year-old cousin will be in charge of sales since he will be managing Eurnekian’s business. “I will follow the transaction this month and will end my career in airports,” he declared.

The sale of his shares will mark a new start for Eurnekian. “However, the 85-year-old entrepreneur, who says he swims every day and does yoga, will not be out of sight. The son of Armenian migrants having escaped the genocide of the early 20th century states that the transfer of his daily duties will allow him to examine new directions for business,” states the article, reported

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