37 families receive compensations from military insurance fund

The military insurance fund has issued compensations to 37 families of servicemen in 2017.

10 servicemen who have been handicapped during combat duty, and families of 27 fallen servicemen received compensations.

Families of fallen soldiers received a lump sum of 10 million drams, and will further receive 200- 300 thousand drams monthly.

Servicemen who were handicapped and are classified as 1st degree disabled will also receive 10 million and monthly 200-250 thousand, while 2nd degree disabled servicemen will receive 5 million and monthly 100-150 thousand.

Overall, the fund had collected 5 billion 827 million 982 thousand 595 drams in 2017, while compensations totaled 388 million 500 thousand drams.

In addition to the 1000 drams which are collected from every employed citizen, donations have also been made to the fund.

Majority of donations were made from Armenia – 70 million 913 thousand drams, from France – 7 million 279 thousand, Cyprus – 4 million 810 thousand, Russia – 2 million 850 thousand, Canada – 2 million 514 thousand, Romania – 1 million 83 thousand, Switzerland – 518 thousand, Qatar – 298 thousand etc.

Donations were made from other countries as well, for example the US, Germany, Denmark, Korea, Great Britain, Slovakia, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Oman.

12 million drams was donated by the Presidential Staff of Armenia, 3 million 168 thousand by Haypost CJSC, and 3 million drams from an anonymous person.

MP Karen Karapetyan donated 5 million 557 thousand 360 drams, and Rosgostrakh Armenia and Ingo Armenia Insurance Companies donated 1 million drams for five times.

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