Pomegranate gardens to be established in Artsakh with benefactors’ financial support

Based on the 2017 Action Plan approved by the Government of the Republic of Artsakh, it is envisaged to establish pomegranate gardens across the nation for the development of gardening in Artsakh. Taking into consideration the favorable nature and climate in the region, pomegranate gardens will be established in the 2nd sector of Tchankatagh rural community (490 ha) and in the 2nd sector of Vardadzor rural community (262 ha) of the Martakert region.

According to Head of the Department of Agriculture, Land Construction and Land Use of the Staff of the regional administration Karen Hovhannisyan, as a department in charge of agriculture, the Department has been assigned to make sure the heads of the rural communities do not grant the fields in the mentioned territories by right of lease in order to avoid obstacles that can hinder the establishment of the gardens.

The initial work was launched in 2017. The territories for the gardens have been line marked, and the bio-chemical analyses of the land have been sent abroad.

Preparations for establishment of the gardens will continue this year.

The works will be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Artsakh and with the financial support of benefactors.

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